Four Intriguing Attractions In Austin TX That You Should Visit


The lists of top attractions in Austin TX can blow you away. There are just so many different types of things to do. You will find this short list of four places of interest to be very intriguing for sure. Prepare to plan the rest of your trip once you discover what’s on this list of the best of Austin TX.

Are you on a trip with you husband, wife or partner? If so, this first attraction makes for a romantic stop. It’s called the ‘I Love You So Much’ mural, and its location is 1300 South Congress Avenue. As you can imagine, it makes for a great photo opportunity. It’s a quick visit, but it’s cute and a popular spot to stop by in Austin TX.

This next place of interest is a lot bigger, the SoCo District. You might have heard about how much fun Congress Avenue is and all. Well, this district is just south of that area, and it makes for a wonderful shopping experience. Stop by the candy store, shop for quirky vintage items and much more. I would think this would be a great place to get your Keep Austin Weird souvenirs.

The Jester King Brewery makes for an interesting stop as well. It’s located off of Fitzhugh Road. Not only can you order up some delicious brews, but you can build your own pizza, too. Beer and pizza is a great combination! Take the tour of the brewery, and by the way, where you get your pizza pie is a place called the pizza barn. It is part of the entire operation.

Okay, so this next place is going to really throw you. It’s called the Cathedral of Junk, and you will find it at 4422 Lareina Drive. You’ve heard of Keep Austin Weird, haven’t you? Well this is about as weird as it gets, and it’s something you will want to see. I makes for a very unique experience and quite the vacation story.

Do you plan to stop by the Cathedral of Junk? What about the other four attractions mentioned? This is definitely an interesting list of places to visit in Austin TX. It’s not every day that you get told to stop and visit an enormous pile of junk. This short list of Austin places of interest will definitely keep you busy having fun as you travel around the capital city.